The Simon Fraser University Library has been an active developer and advocate of open source software solutions for libraries, academics, editors, and publishers since the mid-1990s. We develop, support, and co-ordinate the development of two important software suites: the Public Knowledge Project and reSearcher.

The SFU Library works with libraries, electronic journals, conferences, and others to find the best solution to their research software needs. For some, taking advantage of our free software downloads and using our products independently is the perfect DIY (Do It Yourself) option.

For those looking for some additional support, we offer a range of hosting, support, custom programming, digitization, and related services. For more information, visit the commercial services pages for the Public Knowledge Project or reSearcher.

reSearcher is an award-winning integrated suite of open source products for locating and managing electronic information resources. The four components are CUFTS for electronic resource management, GODOT for link resolving, dbWiz for federated searching, and the Open Knowledgebase of electronic resource metadata.

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a research and development dedicated to improving the scholarly and public quality of academic research through the development of innovative online publishing and knowledge-sharing environments. PKP has developed Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Conference Systems (OCS) free software for the management, publishing, and indexing of journals and conferences, as well as the Open Archives Harvester and Lemon8-XML to facilitate the indexing of research and scholarship.